Avensis GT-FOUR.

How far will one go to realise a dream...

... I personally actually as far as necessary. My wish was to convert my Avensis to 4x4 turbo.
On this website you will find pictures of the engine and chassis conversion of my Toyota Avensis.
The car rolled out of the factory in 1999 with 110 hp and front-wheel drive. After driving around with the standard 1.6i 16v for some time I decided it was time to trade in the weak engine for a faster one.
The option was to fit a supercharged 1.6, which would be a fairly easy swap.
The expected power output of this engine was far from what I had in mind, so I decided to opt for the 2.0 turbo. In retrospect, this turned out not to be a simple conversion, in which I had to overcome many setbacks. No matter what the cost, I kept going over and over again, putting as much research into it as it took to realize my dream. To be able to drive the first meters I was already a year further.... but those first meters were great.

Fortunately, in 2002 I got to know Dennis de Vos from DdV-Autosport. How impressed I was with this man's knowledge when we first met. The MoTeC stand-alone ECU that controls the engine has been installed on the wiring harness and mapped by DdV Autosport.

The car is packed with professional measuring equipment from Bosch and MoTeC, and people listen through the headphones to prevent engine damage due to a too lean mixture. While driving, the MoTeC ECU is set by Dennis from the co-driver's seat with the laptop on his lap. His fingers move quickly over the keyboard to fill in all the fields in the system. After every small adjustment, stop for a while, update the data and pick up again. And every time the car feels faster again. Dennis sets many Rally cars every day, which also end up very high in the rankings. And not unimportantly, the engine runs at full power without any risk of engine damage due to incorrect mapping. Unfortunately, most "tuners" have a sign on the wall with the text: "engine damage at your own risk". Fortunately, Dennis does not need such a sign.

I am currently working on converting the drivetrain from front wheel drive to all 4 wheel drive.
The back of the car is already completely finished, just a few minor adjustments to the front and then the engine block can be installed again. As soon as this is done, DdV-Motorsport can show its skills again to map the car again. The traction control, launch control and some other functions are also connected.

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Have fun viewing the photos.
Yours sincerely,